Friedhelm Bruns



Born 1991, raised up in Lindern in the district Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony

2014 – 2017
University of Osnabrück
Studies of drama pedagogy
Bachelor of Arts

2015 – 2017
Diocesan School for Church Music in Münster
Training as a Church Musician

2017 – 2020
University of Music Detmold
Studies of music mediation and music management
Master of Music

since 2017
Freelance music mediator and drama pedagogue

since 2021
Research assistant for the Department of Music at the University of Vechta

My work

My activites

Concerts for children: organisation and conceptual work
(e.g.: JeKits-Day 2020/2021 in Germany, Theater Hagen, etc.)

Concert introductions
(e.g.: University of Music Detmold, Collegium Cantorum Holzminden, etc.)

Concert materials: Conceptual and design work
(e.g.: Studierendenprojekt 2017 & 2019)

Hosting and Manager of panels
(e.g.: Wirtschaftsverband Emsland, University of Osnabrück, etc.)

Theatre education work with primary schools
(e.g.: many primary schools in Münster and the surrounding region)

Passionate Sketchnoter & Graphic Recorder
(as much as possible, also in work contexts!)


in associations

Netzwerk Junge Ohren
Network for music mediaton in the German-speaking area

Forum Musikvermittlung
International network for teachers and researchers in music mediation

Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde
International association for all those who are involved with the organ instrument

American Guild of Organists
National organisation for church and concert organists in the USA

Episcopal Comission for Church Music in Münster
Commission for church music activities in the region of Münster

Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik
Professional association for theatre in education
that represents theatre education as an established
professional discipline of cultural and vocational training in Germany

Landesverband Theater in Schulen NRW
Regional association that promotes theatre education in all schools of North Rhine-Westphalia




… 2016 I organised a fundraising project for the burned down Klein Libertas
Theatre (Stellenbosch, South Africa) and collected 3.575 Euros!
Unfortunately the theatre still isn’t rebuilt.

… 2014 I took part in four drama groups while doing my Abitur simulatenously
(and passing with good grades!)

… 2012 I had my first blackout at a concert without drinking any alcohol.

… 2009 I lived on the East Frisian Island of Juist for one year.
The island had the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen!

… I got a tiny preference for a caffeinated lemonade from Hamburg, called „Fritz Kola“.

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