Mr. Fröhlich,

the organ-builder

„Mr. Fröhlich, the organ builder“ - an organ educational concert program for children from 5 years

Oops! There is a big group of children and a church organist playing the church organ? What has happened to Mr. Fröhlich now? He has been called to look at all the tiny and all the big pipes of the church organ. Well: Let's introduce the „Queen of the instruments“ to the kids!

The concept of

„Mr. Fröhlich, the organ-builder“

The educational organ concert program „Mr. Fröhlich, the organ-builder“ educates children from 5 years and families about the organ instrument in a playful, interactive and holistic form. Mr. Fröhlich, the slightly scatter-brained organ builder in a blue overall (acted by Friedhelm Bruns) is looking at the organ together with the children. He educates them, why there „are so many pianos“ (the manuals), why the organists couldn’t fly with so many buttons and stops (the organ stops) and why the „Queen of the instruments“ has got a motor like a car.

Together with the congregation organist the children listen to a varied program of high-quality organ music. The pieces get chosen before. Specific information about the organ (e.g. history, construction history, special organ stops, architecture, etc.) can be integrated into the concert concept.

The length of the concert varies individually between 30 minutes (min.) and 60 minutes (max.).


Upon request, I could offer you some further materials for lessons. There have been teachers at schools in the past
who developed and organised complete units with these materials for a church organ concert with „Mr. Fröhlich, the organ builder“.

Radio and media

About 1.500 children and adults (Date: August 2021) got to know Mr. Fröhlich, the organ-builder in person.
The program got a big attention by big German tv and brodcasting companies like the Westdeutscher Rundfunk and
There’s also a livestream program for children for the music cargo boat for the project BTHVN2020.


The fee for one or more organ concerts for children are going to be set individually with the organisator,
primary school or church community. Please consider costs for accommodation and mobility.

„Mr. Fröhlich, the organ builder“

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about „Mr. Fröhlich, the organ builder“

„Mr. Fröhlich, the organ-builder“ is a project sponsor within the project „KönigsKinder“ by the Deutsche Orgelstraße: